Grand Prairie Dental Implant Solutions

Dental implants are artificial replacements for your natural teeth, and they are proven to change how patients live their lives! To ensure maximum functionality, our artificial teeth are anchored in the gum or jawbone so patients like you can continue their regular lifestyle almost immediately after consulting with our dedicated Grand Prairie dental team.

Dental implants have proven to have a dramatic impact on the quality of our dental patients. We will work with you to help you understand if dental implants are right for you, so you can have the appearance and confidence that you deserve today!

How Dental Implants Help Our Patients

Tooth loss can prevent you from eating and drinking your favorite foods, and having a noticeable gap in your teeth can also impact your self-confidence. Through modern dental technology, you can receive professional dental implants in Grand Prairie to help you return to the lifestyle and confidence that you are used to.

We have worked with hundreds of Grand Prairie dental implant patients who are fighting with the pain and inconvenience of missing one or two lost teeth.

Not only will your dental implants be securely anchored so you won’t have to worry about them popping out like dentures, but our replacement teeth will also look and feel like natural teeth. You will enjoy the ability to eat and drink whatever you want again, plus you can smile with the assurance that it will look like you have natural teeth.

Personalized Dental Implants For Your Needs

The expert doctors at Carrier Family Dental will work with you from the moment you enter our Grand Prairie dental clinic to help identify your needs, understand your problems, and help you with a professional examination to find the best solutions.

We will partner with you to determine the best restorative dentistry treatment to address your unique needs, and if we conclude that dental implants are your best option, then we will work with you to deliver the best artificial dental implant solutions.

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Implant-Supported Bridges
  • Implant-Supported Dentures

Our Grand Prairie dental implant patients have come to love their dental implants because of their durability, stability, and overall appearance of natural teeth. No need to worry about your dental work coming out at inopportune moments because our dental implants are securely anchored to your gum or jawbone.

Carrier Family Dental is here to help craft professional smiles and change how you see yourself with our dependable dental implant services. We have worked with hundreds of Grand Prairie patients just like you to recreate a natural and healthy smile and rebuilt confidence that you deserve!

What Are Dental Implants And How Do They Work?

Our professional team has worked with patients just like you in the Grand Prairie community to help successfully examine, explain, and deliver beautiful and natural smiles with dental implants.

Each dental implant is made from a light and robust titanium post that is surgically anchored into the jawbone in the area of lost teeth. Each dental implant is secured in place with a metal anchor that imitates a standard tooth root. Over times, the jawbone will bond with the titanium to create a sure foundation that ensures the functionality and look of your artificial teeth.

What To Expect For Your Dental Implant Procedure

From beginning to end, you should expect the entire process of dental implants to be more involved than other cosmetic dentistry solutions. Our Grand Prairie dentist team and technical staff will work with you from the moment we meet to help identify and examine your needs to provide the dental implant solutions you need.

The exact procedure and recovery path that you take will depend on what type of dental implants you choose. We have worked with Grand Prairie dental implant patients who needed bone-grafting to secure the dental implant to the jaw, while others have not demanded this type of advanced dental procedure. Once we understand your needs and consult with you, we will be able to recommend the best solution for your personal needs.

Step One: Dental Implant Tooth Replacements

After your examination and consultation, the first thing that our Grand Prairie dental implant surgeons will do is move you to surgery and place you under anesthesia.

Our dental surgeons will create a safe incision in the area of your lost teeth and put your titanium dental implant in the specified area. Once the jaw bone is visible, we will drill and fit the dental implant to your jawbone and secure the cosmetic anchor to your jaw.

Step Two: Osseointegration

Once your professional dental implants are placed, you will need to undergo three to six weeks of healing and relaxation. Osseointegration is the phase after surgery where the jawbone and the dental implants need to fuse into the implanted ceramic pole.

During this time many of our Grand Prairie dental implant patients require temporary dental fixtures like dentures to maintain a natural looking smile.

Step Three: Implant Restoration Finalization

Once the healing phase and Osseointegration are complete, you will be able to finish the dental implant procedure. The third and final phase of your dental implant surgery will be to revisit our Grand Prairie family dental office and work with our staff to customize a prosthetic enamel around the affected area.

Our dental surgeon will create a natural looking enamel replacement tooth and secure this prosthetic to the anchor that was previously placed in your jawbone. This stage of dental implant surgery is usually a relatively fast process, and once completed you will have a secure and natural looking tooth replacement after the prosthetic sets in approximately 14 days.

Providing Trusted Dental Implants In Grand Prairie, TX

Carrier Family Dental is committed to providing you and your loved ones the latest dental technology and procedures proven to deliver the highest quality dental implants for your needs. While we work to ensure your dental implants are addressed as quickly as possible, many of our Grand Prairie dental implant patients require at least six months from beginning to end to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Once your implants are in place, they will provide confidence and functionality of natural teeth for years to come. If you take good care of your dental implants and keep your mouth healthy with preventative dental care and keep regular appointments with our Grand Prairie family dental office, you will be able to enjoy the long-term benefits of your dental implants!